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LAST UPDATES 24.01.2022

[NEW] Resets Exchange rewards
[FIX] /evo command limit
[FIX] Command change ware limit
[FIX] OpenWarehouse CryWolf and Loren
[FIX] Manticore Book Summoner skill fix
[FIX] HolyAngel DL mix Armor fix
[FIX] Event Custom Arena Fixed, Reward: 200wc
[FIX] Respawn locations on new maps
[ADD] New PET (available only for Castle Siege owner)
[ADD] 2 New Sets (available only for Castle Siege owner)
[ADD] 2 New Wings (available only for Castle Siege owner)
[FIX] Magmus Peer description
[ADD] Increased number of monsters/spot in Arena
[NEW] Minimap now on the right down side
[SET] BKvsBK damage increased
[FIX] Skill tree rolled back to Season6 basic to avoid bug's

Posted 24.01.2022

LAST UPDATES 10.01.2022

[FIX] Ignore Def rate for custom wings
[NEW] Starter set for newbies
[SET] Mastery Sets options available from level 1
[FIX] Fenrir Damage adjust
[NEW] LOT new spots
[NEW] Extra time for offline Trade
[NEW] New Jewels Pack in X Shop
[FIX] Chaos Mix Manticore To Brilliant MG Set
[SET] Default Color's for chat
[SET] Adjust BK life buff

Note:Please download or update your client
[NEW] - Added new features on the game
[SET] - Adjust some configs
[FIX] - Bug's or problems fixed

Posted 10.01.2022

LAST UPDATES 04.01.2022

[ADD] New Spots on Land of Trials
[ADD] Skills to Hell Horse,Ghost Horse and Ice Dragon
[FIX] DL Skill Party Summon
[NEW] Increase Events rewards for x9999 , check the Drop list from website
[NEW] Invasions time increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes

Posted 04.01.2022



The client will be available for download
on 24.12.2021 and the server will be online on 25.12.2021

Best Regards,

CrushMu Team

Posted 04.01.2022

Currently this is only one server.