I apologize for problems! We know was affected for several hours
the gameplay, so each player received in his account +500wcoinC.
Thanks for understanding

Posted on 23.02.2022

LAST UPDATES 19.02.2022

[FIX] Adjust cursor
[FIX] Demon / Satan / Pet Skeleton Dmg increase
[SET] Event time = 5 min on DoubleGoer and Imperial Guardian
[ADD] 6 New Accesories with sockets , available on webshop
[FIX] Summoner Gloves Chaos mix Brilliant
[SET] PK enabled from level 1
[SET] Rolled back skilltree
[ADD] Complex potions XShop
[SET] New prices for potions on Xshop
[SET] Percentage socket bonus 5%
[NEW] - Added new features on the game
[SET] - Adjust some configs
[FIX] - Bug's or problems fixed
Please download Patch v1.6

Posted on 19.02.2022

LAST UPDATES 24.01.2022

[NEW] Resets Exchange rewards
[FIX] /evo command limit
[FIX] Command change ware limit
[FIX] OpenWarehouse CryWolf and Loren
[FIX] Manticore Book Summoner skill fix
[FIX] HolyAngel DL mix Armor fix
[FIX] Event Custom Arena Fixed, Reward: 200wc
[FIX] Respawn locations on new maps
[ADD] New PET (available only for Castle Siege owner)
[ADD] 2 New Sets (available only for Castle Siege owner)
[ADD] 2 New Wings (available only for Castle Siege owner)
[FIX] Magmus Peer description
[ADD] Increased number of monsters/spot in Arena
[NEW] Minimap now on the right down side
[SET] BKvsBK damage increased
[FIX] Skill tree rolled back to Season6 basic to avoid bug's

Posted on 24.01.2022

LAST UPDATES 10.01.2022

[FIX] Ignore Def rate for custom wings
[NEW] Starter set for newbies
[SET] Mastery Sets options available from level 1
[FIX] Fenrir Damage adjust
[NEW] LOT new spots
[NEW] Extra time for offline Trade
[NEW] New Jewels Pack in X Shop
[FIX] Chaos Mix Manticore To Brilliant MG Set
[SET] Default Color's for chat
[SET] Adjust BK life buff

Note:Please download or update your client
[NEW] - Added new features on the game
[SET] - Adjust some configs
[FIX] - Bug's or problems fixed

Posted on 10.01.2022

Currently this is only one server.