If you have exe option when you will upgrade the item you will receive +11 without exe options! so don't add exe options until you finish upgrading the item until Brilliant Set if you don't want to lose the exe options.

1.Mastery Darkangel Set upgrade.

1) Sealed Stone Shard 

Sealed Stone Shard
It is a shard of a Sealed Stone used at 'Devil God Sealing Operation' by
Etramu and Kundun for sealing Dark God Sekneum. It has a trace of wizard
Etramu's and Sekneum's magical powers. However weakened, the magical
power is too much for even the heroes of MU continent, so that one of the
12 apostles of light, James, hands it out to only the chosen ones
who can handle the power.


  • ① Unsealed Bloodangel Set Item Level +11/16 JOL Option or above is the basic
  • ② When creating Darkangel Set Item, equipment part and class are dependent
    on that of the Bloodangel Set being used as basic material.
  • ① The expendable material Sealed Stone Shard can be purchased from Ruud
    Shop NPC James Lorencia , and can be used as combinationmaterial.

2) Darkangel Set Item Combination

2. Mastery Holyangel Set upgrade.


① To upgrade a Darkangel (Set) item into Holyangel  (Set) item, you need to
have +11 level and +16 or higher Additional DEF item as the basic material
② Holyangel Soul is a required combination material. You can purchase the item with
Ruud at Elbeland NPC James (32, 239).
③ Jewel of Bless Bundle +2 (30 jewels), Jewel of Soul Bundle +2 (30 jewels),
Jewel of Chaos, and Jewel of Creation are used as combination materials




Holyangel Soul
Barrier Stone made by Lugard's apostle of light
James. Created for the Lorencia Knights to shut
out the darkness.You can purchase the item with Ruud at
NPC James Holyangel Soul item is a required combination item for upgrading Darkangel Armor (Set)
item into Holyangel Armor (Set) item.


① You can create Holyangel Armor (Set) item through Chaos Goblin in Noria (180, 103).

② The item type cannot change, and after combination the level and option information
will be reset. However, the set stat option and luck do not change.
EX) When upgrading +11 / 16 option Darkangel Knight Helm (All Stats +15), luck item the result will be +0 / 0 option Holyangel Knight Helm (All Stats +15), luck item.


3. Mastery Awakening Soul Set upgrade.

Awakening Soul

Awakening Soul

① A new combination material for upgrading Holyangel Set items: Awakening Soul

② It can be purchased from James, an NPC in Lorencia

① Awakening Soul Set items can be crafted using level +11 / Option 16 Holyangel armors and combination materials.

② When upgraded to Awakening Soul Set items, they will have the same class requirements and slots, but the Luck and "Increase All Stats" option may change.

Awakening Soul Set Armor - Combination Settings


4. Mastery Blue Eye Set upgrade.

Cold Marriage


Blue Eye set is created by combining the Ancient Awakening set and Sealed item from Priest James.

Cold Horn must be purchased from the NPC James Ruud Store at Lorencia Map


5. Mastery Silverheart Set upgrade.

Ancestral Soul

Silverheart set is created by combining the Ancient BlueEye set and Sealed Ancestral Soul from Priest James.

Ancestral Soulmust be purchased from the NPC James Ruud Store at Lorencia Map

6. Mastery MantiCore Set upgrade.

Manticore Spirit

Manticore set is created by combining the Ancient Silverheart set and Sealed Manticore Spirit from Priest James.

Manticore Spirit must be purchased from the NPC James Ruud Store at Lorencia Map


7. Mastery Brilliant Set upgrade.

Brilliant Soul

Brilliant set is created by combining the Ancient Manticore set and Sealed Brilliant Soul from Priest James.

Brilliant soul must be purchased from the NPC James Ruud Store at Lorencia Map.



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