The name 'Ruud' was derived from the God's name because it is refined by 'James,' one of the 12 apostles who received the power of MU continent's God, Lugard. This currency is used for purchasing blessed items.

Gaining of Ruud

  • Collect Ruud from 'Mastery Box' in various event maps of MU continent.
  • Collect Ruud from the following event maps:
    • ▶ Chaos Castle
    • ▶ Blood Castle
    • ▶ Devil Square
    • ▶ Illusion Temple
    • ▶ Doppelganger

     Mastery Box 


  • Ruud in Mastery Box can be automatically gained by droping it.
  • Ruud is stored in the inventory (shortcut: I, V) just like the other currency, Zen.


Check your Ruud from the bottom of inventory just like Zen.

Use of Ruud

  • Use Ruud via 'Priest James' (Ruud Shop NPC) for purchasing items. (NPC is located in Lorencia town near bar)
  • Ruud is bound to a character and cannot be neither discarded nor used in personal store, inventory, and trade.
  • Ruud cannot be used in general stores and can only be used in Ruud shop.

Priest James (NPC)

  • Use 'Ruud' on priest James to purchase items.
  • You can purchase sealed mastery set item, which is the combination material for mastery set item.
  • Priest James only sells items that fits the buyer's class.
    (Cannot purchase items of other classes)
  • Items purchased by priest James cannot be sold for Ruud;
    it can be sold to general NPCs for Zen.

Use of Ruud Shop

  • Characters can purchase items with their Ruud at the Ruud shop.
  • Check the item's description by putting the cursor on the item's image.
  • The description on the left side is about the sealed item, and the one on the right side tells the information when the item is unsealed.

 Ruud Shop UI 

 Priest James Selling Items 



The armor set, crafted by James with Lugard's power, has the new ability and high performance. In order to use James' armor, you need the 'ancient hero's soul' that contains MU continent hero's will.


James crafted mastery armors for heroes that could save ancient heroes' souls. The first mastery armor crafted by James is called 'Bloodangel.'

Bloodangel of Sealed Mastery Set

'Sealed Bloodangel set' purchased from NPC priest James can be unsealed and used as the mastery Bloodangel set. Unsealed item is wearable and has the effect as a set item.

Creation of Unsealed Items

  • Ancient Hero's Soul (Combination Material)
    Combination Materials for Unsealing Mastery Bloodangel Set
    • ▶ Ancient hero's soul is a key combination material for unsealing the sealed mastery set purchased from 'priest James.'
    • ▶ In order to create the ancient hero's soul, you need the set item containing MU continent's soul as a combination material for the general combination by NPC chaos goblin.

Creation of Ancient Hero's Soul - Chaos Goblin General Combination

Required MaterialsConditionsRefineResults when success
of Vicious, of Hion+11 Upgrade
Minimum Set
80% Success Rate
Ancient Hero's Soul
of Aegis, of Anubis
of Aruan, of Gaiwen
of Gaion, of Muren
of Broy, of Agnes
  • Unseal the Sealed Mastery Item
    • ▶ From NPC Chaos Goblin's general combination, combine an 'item to be unsealed' and the 'ancient hero's soul' to unseal the item for 100% chance. The unsealed item has the set item effect.

 Creation of Ancient Hero's Soul – Chaos Goblin General Combination 

Item to be unsealed(Combination Material 1) :'Sealed Mastery Set'for each class
Unsealed Item (Combination Material 2) : Ancient Hero's Soul
Refine : 100% Success Rate
Results : Sealed Mastery Item Unseal

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