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HIGH Server Statistics

HIGH Server Statistics
Server Version Season 6 Part 16
Experience 9999x
Master Experience 100x
Auto Reset YES
Max Stats 65000
Points per level 5/7 points
Keep Stats after reset
Mu Helper Active
Off Atack
Off Store
Average Succes rate 80%
Guild Ware House Yes (accesible at Devias guild creator)
Total Accounts 5636
Total Characters 3400
Total Guilds 65
Total Gms 2
Active In 24 Hours 74

Commands list
/post Post a global message
/addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd Add points
/pkclear Clear PK status
/ware *number* Change warehouse number
/reset auto Yes (with XP penalty)
/reset Reset your character
/war *guild* | /soccer *guild* Challenge another guild
/clearinv Clear character inventory
/marry /marry to *player*
/openware Open Warehouse
/gift Receive random FREE gift
/answer *msg* For QUIZ event
/help Summon help
/attack and /offattack Time limit offattack 2 Hours / 4 Hours for VIP
/evo change to 3rd Class cost: 200 wCoinC
/zen add ZEN, Cost: 10 wCoinC
/change Change Class, Cost: 500 wCoinC
/changename Change Name, Cost: 200 wCoinC
/re on|off|auto Request system
/store /offstore Open custom store and Offline Store
/readd | /remaster Readd stats | Readd ML points : cost 100wCoinC
/quest Start custom quest
/send*type* *value* Send jewels/zen to bank Ex: /sendsoul 10
/recv*type* *value* Receive jewels/zen from bank.Ex: /recvsoul 10
All bank commands /sendzen /sendbless /sendsoul /sendchaos /sendlife /sendcreation /sendharmony /sendguardian /sendgemstone /sendlowrefin /sendhigrefin /recvzen /recvbless /recvsoul /recvchaos /recvlife /recvcreation /recvharmony /recvguardian /recvgemstone /recvlowrefin /recvhigrefin

HIGH Server Market Statistics
Total Items 329
Active Items 95
Expired Items 234
Total Sold 339
Total Sales ForWcoinC 163451
Total Sales ForWcoinP 0
Total Sales ForGoblin Points 0

CryWolf Info
Status Of The Fortress Not Protected

Castle Siege Info
Owner Guild ShadowS
State Mark Registration (2021-09-22 00:00 - 2021-09-25 00:00)
Money 0Zen
tax_chaos 0%
Tax Store 0%
Tax Hunt Zone 120000Zen

# Guild Master Reg Marks
No Registered Guilds

Currently this is only one server.